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The Coding Academy

With the Coding Academy, the IONIS Education Group provides an answer to a dual problem: the very strong demand for operational developers from companies that are not finding qualified candidates on the market, and the issue for young people who cannot access these opportunities because their training is not adapted to company needs. The "Code & Go" course is the first of a series of initiatives aiming to provide the skills in demand on the market quickly.


By Epitech

Founded in 1999, following in the footsteps of the EPITA engineering school, Epitech originated a new learning approach that has revolutionised a sector of IT teaching. By putting self-study at the centre of the learning process, by highlighting team work and the creative resolution of the projects to be undertaken, by moving away from traditional lessons in favour of coaching and personalised learning, Epitech has formed a new generation of IT experts with an in-depth knowledge of technology, and who have been warmly welcomed by companies in the sector.


Member of the IONIS Education Group

With almost 25,000 students, the IONIS Education Group is the leading group in private education in France. It includes more than 20 schools and training centres focused on two main sectors, business and technology. The schools in the group have initiated a number of models, such as learning by project, the new form of vocational block release and developing for unqualified school leavers at the Web@cademy. With "Code & Go", the IONIS Group breaks convention again with the 1st course financed by professional success.

Why did we create the Coding Academy ?

The company world has gone digital. Familiarity with the basics of programming is essential to work in - and optimise - any position in the company. This skill also represents a real plus when joining a company in all technical and sales positions. Understanding an environment involves knowing its codes. This is exactly what the Coding Academy provides: making use of the expertise of Epitech, the leading IT school that has revolutionised Code teaching by bringing it within reach of all students, it offers short, intensive programmes (22 weeks) with a solid learning support to provide a real professional basis that can be put to immediate use in the company. At the end of the course, your career will have taken a new direction. You are guaranteed to have real and better skills. You will have more chance of finding a job in line with your ambitions.

Why should you take an intensive operational Developer's course?

How can you avoid falling behind in relation to innovations in companies? How can you give expression to your ideas without feeling handicapped by technical difficulties? How can you enhance your CV by extending the skills you have acquired in business school or at university? How can you give early momentum and a first illustration for your start-up project? Long studies are adapted to people seeking to become experts. "Spot" courses, lasting only a few weeks, provide skills that are too limited. The "Code & Go" course at the Coding Academy lasts five months and can be immediately applied in operational development in a company.

Operational developers skills in demand

In France, we currently lack tens of thousands of developers. Innovation does not only take place in start-ups, but also in companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Technologies are transformed and make progress all the time. More than ever, this new situation concerns all managers and technicians: we need to exchange, understand, assess the work load and the time needed for developing, to anticipate, imagine and sketch out for ourselves a project plan to innovate and build. The Coding Academy provides you with real solutions enabling you to become an active participant in these changes, someone who understands the world around them and can exchange with the technical staff, while making a personal contribution.

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Conference Coding Academy - Pierre Louyot
Conference Coding Academy -Les bases de données et la DATA-Julien Borrel
Conference Coding Academy-methode agile SCRUM-Veronique Da Costa
Conference Coding Academy -Fred Janon

We support the creation of the Coding Academy, which is providing concrete answers to the issues outlined above, particularly for people in continuing education, for whom the Academy offers a specific, innovative approach based on Epitech's network of partner companies.

Loïc Rivière - Managing Director of AFDEL,
French Association of Software Publishers and Internet Solutions


Aurélien joined in early October 2015 as a Symfony 2 developer. Despite his relative lack of experience, he soon improved his skills, which led us to hire him on a permanent contract. Today, he is an integral part of the development team and we hope that he will follow us throughout the adventure. We can only congratulate the Coding Academy for the training that it provided to him, which enabled him to learn the requisite IT development basics in a short space of time. BRAVO!


Last year, Olivier joined the PICTIME Business Unit (100 people) as a FRONT-END Developer in the PHP/Magento cluster (24 people). His FRONT-END and BACK-END skills profile interested me right away. His good web knowledge, which he gained during his training, enabled him to soon become operational in his developments and to fully take his place on the team. Olivier was placed on many major projects in the field of digital and innovation for clients in the mass-market retail and/or specialist distribution industry. Through these projects, I was able to see his commitment and motivation! We are fully satisfied with the way he has integrated into the team and the company.


For several years now, Expertime has been developing a partnership with the IONIS Group (Epitech, ETNA, EPITA, Web@cademy) by recruiting students on internships, sandwich courses or permanent contracts. Recently, we had the pleasure of testing the Coding Academy’s Code & Go course by welcoming Alexandrine L. on an internship for 3 weeks in March 2016. This intensive course provided by the Epitech Group prepares web developers selected for their abilities and motivation for this job. Alexandrine was able to adapt perfectly to the technologies used within our entities at Expertime (Consulting, Integration and Services - Collaborative Solutions, and Connected Retail) and Powell Software (digital workplace software editor on the Office 365 platform). As a front-end developer, she mainly worked on the Angular JS, Node JS and JavaScript languages. Alexandrine demonstrated strong technical and human qualities during her internship. We therefore invited her to join us on a permanent contract at the end of this observation period.


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